King Louis’ dreaded Dragonnades are galloping towards Maison Dupres. . .

They have an arrest warrant for the Dupres, a Huguenot family. But what is Clare’s crime?

1680, France. Clare Dupres is not your average midwife. Her successful career relies on an ancient family secret formula (the magic elixir) which provides a pain-free birthing experience, offered solely to her wealthy aristocratic patients. In return, she is richly rewarded with gold and jewels. Clare’s husband Jacques resents her working outside the home but is too weak to stop her.

King Louis XIV detests Huguenots and is determined to convert them to Catholicism or eradicate them. He begins to tighten the noose by quartering troops in their homes until they abjure their religious beliefs. Bans them from singing psalms or leaving France without official permission.

In 1682, he issues an edict forbidding Huguenot midwives from delivering babies, which delights Jacques. But Clare rightly senses that things will only get worse. She urges her husband to relocate their family to England, where she can resume her profession. Jacques blindly refuses, relying on the Edict of Nantes to protect their religious freedoms.

Until it is too late!  In 1685, the Edict is revoked. A vengeful servant wrongfully accuses the Dupres of violating the restrictions. Jacques is devastated. Clare’s only hope of saving her family is to devise a clever escape plan, but she must act quickly.

Full of twists and turns, this fast-paced adventure will keep the reader in suspense until the final page.

Recommended for readers who enjoy stories about strong women and are eager to learn about a dark chapter in 17th century French history. Perfect for fans of Call the Midwife, The Midwife of Hope River, and The Huguenot Chronicles.


Praise for Midwife of Normandy

“…a beautiful and flowing story with elements of history, romance, and storytelling brought together by a colourful cast of characters. Clare is a strong female lead dealing with issues that are timeless.” Literary Titan

“A gripping historical novel. A finalist and highly recommended.” The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“…well-written, well-paced, with a story that carries you along.” The Coffee Pot Book Club

“In the sea of new books published today, I am so pleased to have found this book and author. Clare Dupres’ story is completely entertaining. And there is subtle humor. I like that.” Mike Bove, author of The Bruce DelReno Mysteries.

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