This spellbinding sequel to Midwife of Normandy recounts Lucina’s coming-of-age story as she begins her exciting new life in England.

But living with extended family can be fraught with tension …

1685. London. After their harrowing escape, the Dupres join the childless household of Jacques’ brother Pierre. His melancholic wife Celia adores the children but is terribly jealous of Clare. Lucina, an inquisitive child with exceptional perception and the added gift of second sight, quickly discovers the reason; Uncle Pierre and her mother were childhood sweethearts! As hopes of Jacques’ survival fade, Pierre’s growing romantic passion for Clare worries Lucina.

Horrified that Lucina is destined to follow the ancestral path of midwifery, Celia tempts her young niece with promises of an idyllic life in her tranquil village. Unwilling to be parted from her children, and seeking a safer environment than London, Clare rents Honeysuckle Cottage next door to Celia. She writes to Lady Louise in Normandy, disclosing her new village address.  Lucina justly fears this letter will be intercepted by French authorities searching for Clare. Using her psychic powers, Lucina manages to avert danger by sending “mind messages” across the Channel.

As years pass, Lucina is torn between the conflicting desires of Celia and Clare to determine her future. An unexpected suitor for Lucina’s hand in marriage complicates matters further. Will she abandon the Dupres’ midwifery tradition?

A series of disasters forces Lucina to come to terms with her own destiny, as the plot takes unexpected twists and turns towards a stunning, surprise conclusion.

Recommended for fans of Jane Austen, who once advised her niece Anna “a small village with three or four families is just the thing.”  And for readers who enjoy novels about 17th century domestic family life and strong women.



Praise for Lucina’s Destiny

A Masterful Blend of Drama, History and Romance

From the very first page . . . readers will be swept into another time and another place. Lucina is only a child but already she has a woman’s sensibilities. But even as danger lurks in every corner, and Lucina and her family are forced to cope with a painful loss, the concerns of everyday life take over and deftly draw readers into the rhythms of English life in the late 1600s. Historical events are expertly woven into the multi-faceted storyline and the cast of other relatives, neighbors, and friends introduced throughout the decades of the story created an entire world for me, exploring a variety of themes including love, loss, evil, kindness, persistence, strength, and women’s place in this time period. I found myself so caught up in the storyline and lovely writing that I could not stop reading.

Carole Penfield is a masterful storyteller…one of my very favorite writers! I highly recommend this series and have to admit that I am very eager for the next installation of the Dupres family saga to be published.                                                     Lisa D. Ellis, author of Finding Lily

I enjoyed every moment of this book

It was well researched, detailed, and the descriptions left me with vivid mental pictures of each character. I recommend it to everyone who enjoys reading historical fiction.

Great Historical Novel

She did it! So often a second book by a new author is not as good as their first book. But Carole Penfield’s second book is even better than her first. Characters are introduced slowly and thoughtfully with each character playing a critical role in the development of the story... [it] quickly captures your attention and by the second chapter the book becomes a “page turner.”

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